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HAPPY HOUSING: The Collective City


Knoxville, TN


Fall 2022


Multifamily Residential


Happy Housing: The Collective City addresses questions of diversity, development, preservation, sustainability, and ownership in growing cities.

Happy Housing: The Collective City is an attainable housing cooperative designed in response to the current housing crisis in Knoxville. In order to maintain attainable living costs and increase urban density and sustainability, this project is designed using mass timber structural columns and flexible mass timber partition walls. This allows the members of the non-speculative collective housing to adjust unit spaces overtime to suite their changing needs.

This project re-purposes an existing, historic site and building at 1201 North Central Street. The original shell of the first two floors is preserved and a new mass timber structure is built following the structural bays of the original project. Diversity at the architectural, urban, and occupant scale are of central focus. Using the Knoxville Façade Improvement program, the original storefront is rehabilitated, and the architectural layers of the existing project are subtly distinguished through color. The architectural layers of the project are identified, but brought together into a unified project.

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