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The ANATOMY of ARCHITECTURE (Master of Architecture Project)

Project type

Master of Architecture Project


Spring 2023


Knoxville, TN

This project is a critical analysis of prevalent architecture mediums of the late 20th and early 21st century in relation to the contemporary cultural, socioeconomic, and physical landscape. The study begins with the intuitive claim that across creative disciplines, the most impactful work occurs when a variety of elements, that are deeply intertwined and often at odds, are simultaneously elevated to their highest outcomes in an all-encompassing and complex work.

In order to frame this argument, I created an Anatomy of Architecture based on 6 modes that address type (typology and typography) as well as mediums of communication in the built environment and their significance with respect to human experience and expression. The desire for this project is to analyze specific cases of the 6 modes in order to understand the different elements constituting Architecture versus building.

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